Can a Tax Attorney Save You From the IRS?

Mar 19, 2022

Is the IRS keeping you restless due to tax arrears? If yes, then you’re not alone as thousands of Americans find themselves at loggerheads with the IRS due to various reasons such as delay in filing of taxes, failure to file taxes, submission of inaccurate tax records, among others. All of these tax-related issues can attract hefty penalties, which can bring down or destabilize the operations of your business. Fortunately, a Sacramento tax attorney can help you renegotiate these tax-related matters with the IRS to have the outstanding taxes slashed. Handling these issues yourself can be pretty intimidating due to the complexities involved in tax regulations. However, tax attorneys are well-versed with the ins and outs of the tax law, which makes them best placed to address IRS tax-related issues effectively.

So, how can a tax attorney save you from the IRS? Read on to find out.


If there are still pending taxes after negotiation with the IRS, a tax attorney can work to deal with other sudden fees. On top of your payable tax bill, you may as well owe fines and interest that have accumulated on your balance, which will keep ballooning over time. A tax attorney who is well-acquainted with the tax code will check out options like Penalty Abatement to get rid of these extra fees, hence easing your owes with the IRS.


The IRS uses several methods to recollect taxes. A typically used method is a bank account levy, which directs the bank to remit the money to the IRS straight from your account. On the other hand, the IRS can seize your wages, meaning a certain percentage of your earnings will be assumed by the authorities before it gets to you. In some instances, the IRS can slap your property with a lien or even confiscate your home or property to meet your tax arrears.

Although the IRS will issue you notice and give you an opportunity to settle tax areas, in any of the above cases before it steps in, a tax attorney can help you negotiate for the better terms of the settlement, including the extension of the repayment time frame. The IRS is no joke, and failure to address the outstanding debt can result in confiscation of your assets. Therefore, the most appropriate way to protect your wages, accounts, and property is to address your tax arrears within the set time and recruit a tax resolution attorney.



While the IRS no longer reports your overdue taxes to credit bureaus, failure to file your taxes prompts the tax body to file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. Your arrears will then be exposed to the public and ultimately will reflect on a credit report. This may impact your credit score negatively. However, with the help of a tax attorney, you can forge a payment agreement or reach a compromise with the IRS, which can help you avoid this situation entirely. If your property has already been slapped with a lien, a tax attorney can also work to have it removed.


Battling with the IRS complexities and skepticism over the process is terrifying and confusing. You can get to relieve your mind by working closely with a tax attorney as he is well versed with the IRS bureaucracy as they have what it takes to get you out of this mess without destabilizing your peace of mind. This will allow you to focus on the day-to-day learning of the business while your attorney is working on the tax issues.


The IRS is no joke, and any miscalculation in tax returns can attract severe penalties to your business or property. And since it involves lots of administrative bureaucracies, it can be pretty challenging to see through this process if you’re not conversant with the IRS matters. So, in that case, it is crucial to hire a tax attorney to handle all the tax disputes that you might have with the IRS.