Conquer the Trails at the 2024 Mother Lode Epic!

Jun 09, 2024

Hey Adventurers!

Are you ready to take on a mountain biking challenge like no other? The 2024 Mother Lode Epic is here to test your limits and deliver an unforgettable adventure. Scheduled for July 20th, this race, founded by pro mountain biker Clint Claassen and his wife Jennifer, takes you on a journey through California’s historic gold discovery route.

The Mother Lode Epic is a single-day, point-to-point endurance race with four thrilling timed stages spread over 39 miles (32 miles of racing). And did we mention the boat transfer across Folsom Lake? That’s right – it’s an adventure both on land and water!

Race Day Schedule

Park in Historic Folsom and hop on the shuttle to the start line at Magnolia Trailhead. Don’t be late – the shuttle leaves at 6:45 am SHARP. From there, it’s an epic journey to the finish line in Historic Folsom.

2024 Course Updates

We’ve made some exciting changes to ensure this year’s race is the best yet:

  • Transfer 2: Now shorter, taking you from the end of Stage 2 at Acorn Creek to the Salmon Falls Ranch Aid Station.
  • Stage 3: Kicking off near the Salmon Falls Ranch aid station, this stage includes climbs and descents from past races and finishes at a new location, the Peninsula Tip. Expect 12 miles and 1,500 ft of elevation gain.
  • Boat Transfer: Now a bit longer, ferrying you from the Peninsula Tip to the 5% launch ramp in Granite Bay. You have until 2:30 pm to catch your ride.
  • Stage 4: Shortened to 3.1 miles, this sprint takes you from the 5% ramp to Beals Point, and then it’s a neutral roll to the finish line in Historic Folsom.

We’ve worked with Folsom Lake SRA to make sure every detail is perfect for your safety and enjoyment. This year’s race will be one for the books!

So, gear up and get ready to conquer the trails. The Mother Lode Epic is calling your name – don’t miss out on this incredible experience!